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Little Boy Bullied For Wearing Nail Paint But Then His Father Asked Him To Do This

nail polish

We people have created some uncommon norms and algorithm in another way for women and men. There are issues which solely ladies should do, and issues which solely males should comply with. And if somebody tries to interrupt the norms, he/ she is taken into account irregular. What if amidst the chaos, a small child turns into the middle of all hatred for unknowingly disobeying the principles? A involved dad lately shared a thought frightening story about his child who was bullied at kindergarten for sporting nail paint. Sam Gouveia, 5, suffered the bullying after which broke down on the finish of the day. Sam’s dad has shared the incident on Twitter in a collection of tweets.

He has criticized largely the mother and father of the youngsters, and even referred to as for help from different mother and father. In a heart-breaking tweet, Sam’s father explains how his son who’s in any other case a robust child, couldn’t deal with being bullied on the kindergarten and cried inconsolably later.


nail polishnail polish


In his first tweet, he wrote:

“My rage meter is spiking right now so excuse me if this is a little raw but there are some things I want to say about BS #gender norms.”


This is my son, Sam. He’s 5. And at this time he discovered how shitty and dangerous #ToxicMasculinity is. My rage meter is spiking proper now so excuse me if this can be a little uncooked however there are some issues I need to say about BS #gender norms (a thread)

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


He tweets additional:


Sam is my center baby & he’s a terror. A “boy’s boy” as so many (not me) would say. He’s tough and tumble, he’s loud, he’s all the time soiled, loves vans, performs sports activities and knee drops me from the sofa. But he additionally loves numerous “girl” issues.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


Talks about how Sam loves to color his nails!


Sam has a set of handbags as a result of he likes to hold issues round. And he additionally likes to have his nails painted shiny colours as a result of he thinks they “look beautiful.” And he’s proper – they’re lovely…

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And defined how he wore a pink nail paint to the kindergarten!


So he proudly wore his purple nail polish to kindergarten this morning as a result of Sam has completely no idea of nail polish solely being for women or cause to assume anybody might have an issue with lovely nails.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


He then defined how Sam’s classmates handled him!


But his classmates did have an issue. An enormous one. Sam was ridiculed for being a boy with nail polish. They referred to as him names and informed him to take it off. This lasted all the day.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


Sam cried his coronary heart out and couldn’t converse a lot!


When my spouse picked him up from faculty he collapsed into her arms and cried uncontrollably. He was devastated at how different youngsters turned on him, even his associates. He requested them to cease however that simply made it worse. Just one child stood up for him.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


The 5-year previous couldn’t clarify the state of affairs correctly!


He referred to as me at work, his phrases barely decipherable by means of the sobs, and I informed him nothing these youngsters say issues. That his nails are BADASS! And the one factor that issues is whether or not he likes his nails. After which my coronary heart broke…

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


He finally needed to eliminate the nail paint!


“Daddy, I want mommy to take off the nail polish so they don’t make fun of me.”

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


Sam’s father additionally explains how his son has by no means been afraid in his life!


My son is way from good however he’s acquired an enormous coronary heart and empathy for miles. He finds magnificence in every part round him and for five years he’s by no means been afraid to be totally different as a result of totally different has by no means meant “bad.” Till now.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And talks concerning the poisonous masculinity!


I do know these youngsters are solely in kindergarten however this poisonous masculinity bullshit is LEARNED. Discovered more often than not from mother and father. So mother and father, I hope you’re proud. I hope that is what you needed. I hope you’re glad.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And calls upon the mother and father of the youngsters who bullied Sam!


I hope you sleep properly tonight understanding order has been no less than partially restored and gender norms solidified for another little boy whose horrible infraction was having the audacity to love brightly painted fingernails.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


He additional talks concerning the significance of expression!


My spouse and I spent 5 years efficiently preaching tolerance, acceptance, and the significance of expression and your youngsters unraveled that in a single faculty day. He now feels the disgrace you desperately need to affiliate with being totally different.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And in addition about how he impressed Sam to put on a brighter shade the subsequent day!


But I would like you to know I talked to Sam and I informed him these different youngsters are simply jealous of his nails. I advised him to put on a good brighter shade tomorrow. And I informed him to ask these youngsters why they’re so upset and see what they are saying.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


Calls his son a terrific human being!


I guess they don’t know. I guess their mother and father don’t even know. But what I do know is Sam is a goddamn fireworks present of a human being and I gained’t let that be dulled for a second by this restrictive bullshit that’s been choking boys perpetually.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And explains how superheroes like ‘Thor’ put on nail paint!


I informed Sam he might take off the nail polish if he needed however a lot of guys put on it like Thor (@chrishemsworth) & Capt. Jack Sparrow. He requested if his fav soccer participant @robgronkowski did. I’m unsure however I informed him sure. Sorry, Gronk.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And in addition the significance of self love!


But extra importantly I informed him it doesn’t matter what anybody else does as a result of what you put on and the way you look ought to make YOU look good. And to hell with everybody else.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


Sam’s brother painted his nails!


After cautious consideration, he’s leaving it on. As a result of he likes it and it makes him really feel good. Then Sam’s 10-year-old brother painted HIS nails in solidarity together with his sibling, at which level I almost cried.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And the daddy too!


That moved me to color MY nails. Sam picked out this shade referred to as “Main Squeeze” & I feel it’s understated however pretty. Sam is sticking with purple as a result of “it’s pretty and good luck for the @patriots.” #ItsOnlyWeirdIfItDoesntWork

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


He shared some very highly effective strains!


Illiberal mother and father and their offspring scored a minor victory at this time however they gained’t win the struggle. I do know that as a result of the Sams of the world aren’t going to endure this bullshit anymore. Of that I’ve little question.

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


And the image of his painted nail!


Be courageous and shine brilliant, my lovely polished boy. Know that mother and pop all the time have your again and if the remainder of the world has an issue together with your nails, they will take a look at my nail polish!

— Daddy Information (@DaddyFiles) October 23, 2018


All tweets have been shared by means of the Twitter deal with ‘Daddy Files’ and shortly turned viral. Different individuals additionally joined the motion and shared the photographs of their painted nails.


Thanks for sharing your story. ? I hope Sam continues to rock the nail polish & permit his magnificence to shine via and be a light-weight for others. The world is usually a darkish place. We might all use somewhat extra shiny purple nail polish.

— karen cargnelli (@agility2girl) October 24, 2018


Individuals thanked Sam’s dad for sharing his story!


Your boy is gorgeous. I hope he shines like the person he’s. Use Eddie Izzard for instance. A transvestite who’s hetro and loves all boys tough and tumble however loves to decorate as a woman as properly.

— Julie Callaghan (@juliecal72) October 24, 2018


Some referred to as Sam alive!


In different phrases, Sam is ALIVE. Kudos dad!

— ROBIROB RESISTS HATRED (@obbibb) October 24, 2018


Some despatched him their love!


Rock on Sam. Sending you feathers on your artistic wings. Might your whole goals take flight xo

— Judi Riley (@TikiTales) October 24, 2018


And a few even cried!


This thread made me cry.

I’m speechless.

— Thomas Dierson (@ThomasDierson) October 25, 2018

Bullying of any type is dangerous and shouldn’t be fostered by any means. All we will say right here is – Extra energy to you Sam!